Seventh and last in the Chakra series, this episode focuses on the Crown Chakra. Isabelle and Tamara chat with the legendary Gong Master Leo Cosendai, as well as a wonderful meditation and superbly uplifting tunes


The function of the crown chakra is driven by consciousness and gets us in touch with the universal. It’s Sanskrit name is “Sahasrara”, which can be translated as “thousand petals”




Show Notes


– [00:00:14] Intro

– [00:15:20] Tam & Isabelle chat to Leo Cosendai about how sounds can give us the experience of silence, different states of consciousness and the impact sound meditation can have on our lives.

– [01:50:40] Guided Mediation by Tam

– [01:56:58] What’s coming up in the future


Track Listing


– The Universal, Blur

– Day Dreaming, Aretha Franklin

– Good Vibrations – Remastered 2001, The Beach Boys

– Where is my mind?, The Pixies

– Alone in Kyoto, Air

– Talisman, Air

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